4 Major Benefits of Living in 1-Bedroom Apartments For Rent

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One-bedroom apartments are a great option for affordable, convenient, and flexible living. They are perfect for anyone looking to downsize, save money, and live in a low-maintenance, easy-to-maintain, and easy-to-lock up and leave. If you’ve got a small family, then 1 bedroom apartments for rent near you is the best option. For those planning to invest a little more, 2-bedroom apartments for rent are also feasible. The choice, however, depends on the needs of the homeowner.

Living in a one-bedroom apartment has many benefits. Here are the three major ones.

Why Should you Opt for One or Two-Bedroom Apartments for Rent?


One or two-bedroom apartments are typically less expensive than larger apartments or houses. They are a great option for people on a budget, as they often have lower rent and utility costs. Additionally, with less square footage, there is less to clean and maintain, which can save on cleaning and upkeep expenses.


One-bedroom apartments are perfect for those looking for a low-maintenance lifestyle. They are ideal for people who frequently travel, as they easily lock up and leave. Additionally, one-bedroom apartments are often located in convenient locations, such as city centers or near public transportation, making it easy to get around.


One-bedroom apartments are a great option for people looking for a place to call home on a short-term basis. They are often available for rent on a month-to-month basis, making them perfect for people in transition, such as students or people relocating for work. This is a feasible option for people who don’t stay with their family.

Comfortable Home-Like Experience

Since the square feet of a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment are less, they provide a home-like experience. You can generate a comfortable experience in these types of spaces. You can also merge the bedroom with the sitting room and create a studio-like experience.

Timnath Trail at Riverland Apartment Homes offers a range of one and two bedroom apartments for rent. With around a floor space of 700 square feet, our range of one-bedroom apartments is affordable and helps to accommodate a small family effectively. Check our website for further details.

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