Exploring Metro Fort Collins Apartments: A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Home

Fort Collins is a vibrant city, known for its beautiful landscapes, great arts & culture scene, and overall high quality of life. We love being here for the many outdoor activities (we’re one of the most bike-friendly metros in the US!), great shopping malls.

When looking for a place to call home in the greater Fort Collins metro area, it’s important to choose the right apartment for you – with access to the amenities and locations you most desire.

Fort Collins: Location is Key

When looking for a metro Fort Collins apartment, it’s important to have easy access into the city, close to your favorite areas. For the student who needs to access the CSU campus, and those who enjoy City Park, there’s Laporte and Arrowhead. They’re not too far from Highway 287 and make it easy to get to north side activities, entertainment, and Colorado State University.

Loveland, Masonville, and the south side give you easy access to the airport, medical centers, and nature areas near the base of the mountains. Loveland is also centrally located on Highway 287, but can be a bit more of a hike to get into town. The south side is closer to many of the main shops in Fort Collins, it’s just a little longer to get into the city.

The west side? The city runs into Horsetooth Reservoir and the base of the mountains.

We love being centrally located on the east side of Fort Collins for this reason – it’s a convenient location that gives fast access to both the north AND south sides. Highway 287 is a straight shot via E Harmony Road, which also leads you right into major shopping areas, including the local CostCo, Target, and Walmart to make regular home goods easy to reach. Timnath is close to Old Town Fort Collins district, too – one of the best areas to spend time and take in the restaurants, culture, and entertainment opportunities Fort Collins has to offer.

And just keep heading west to get to Horsetooth Reservoir and the mountains. From the east side, it’s easy to travel everywhere in Fort Collins you want to be.

Amenities and Features common (and uncommon) to Fort Collins apartments

When looking for an apartment or condo in Fort Collins, it’s important to find the amenities important to you and your lifestyle. Below are just a sample of what your Fort Collins apartment might have to offer.

  • Fitness Center: Many apartment properties in Fort Collins offer on-site fitness centers. facilities may include cardio equipment, weightlifting machines, and sometimes even group exercise classes or personal training services.
  • Swimming Pool: The mainstay of apartment living, a great swimming pool is hard to come by. Some Fort Collins apartments offer swimming pools for residents to enjoy a refreshing swim or relaxing poolside lounge.
  • Clubhouse: Apartments often have a clubhouse or community center you can get family, friends, and neighbors together for events. These spaces may include seating areas, kitchenettes, game rooms, or business centers.
  • Outdoor Rec Areas: To take advantage of natural outdoor beauty, apartments in Fort Collins metro frequently provide outdoor recreational areas such as picnic areas, barbecue grills, and green spaces. Socialize with neighbors or just take in the gorgeous mountain views.
  • Dog Parks: It’s so important now to find pet-friendly apartments, and many Fort Collins properties are starting to catch on. Dog parks, pet washing stations, or designated pet areas within an apartment are becoming more common (but still not as common as they should be!)
  • On-Site or In-Unit Laundry Facilities: While some apartments have in-unit laundry facilities, others may offer on-site laundry rooms equipped with washers and dryers for residents to use.
  • Parking Garages: Parking can be a concern in some areas, but many Fort Collins apartments provide covered parking options or even private garages to protect vehicles from the elements.
  • Package Delivery Services: With the rise of online shopping, some apartments offer package delivery services or secure package lockers. This helps ensure the safe receipt of residents’ packages, even when they’re not at home.
  • Balconies: More common in luxury apartments, a private balcony is a way for you to enjoy the outdoors and the great mountain views from the privacy you your own unit.

Timnath Trail is proud to offer all of these, as well as uncommon luxury touches, such as granite countertops, oversized windows, indoor fireplaces, and spacious floor plans.

Rental Prices in the greater Fort Collins area

Rent in Fort Collins can vary in pricing depending on apartment size, location, amenities, and demand. It’s important to take this into consideration when browsing rentals to find the right mix of what you’re looking for in an apartment.

In 2023, average Fort Collins, CO rentals can range from $1,200 to $2,500 per month for a one-bedroom apartment, and from $1,600 to $3,500 per month for a two-bedroom apartment. It’s important to note that fees for apartment rentals can change over time, and you may benefit from further speaking with a real estate agent or doing your own online rentals search for the most up-to-date information on current rental prices in Fort Collins, CO.

(And at Timnath Trail, we believe you’ll find a great mix of included luxury features and amenities for the price versus other similar rentals!)

Community & Lifestyle

What to know what it’s like to live in a metro Fort Collins apartment? It’s great. The people of Fort Collins have a vibrant and friendly attitude that makes Fort Collins different from other regions. Apartment rentals, particularly newer ones like Timnath Trail, take the natural beauty and accessibility into consideration in their location and design.

Many of our local residents live here for the natural beauty and activities, like hiking, biking, and spending time in parks and on lakes. And we have great local events, farmers markets, and cultural attractions that enhance the lifestyle of everyone living in Fort Collins.

Tips for Apartment Hunting in Fort Collins

Here are a few practical tips if you’re looking for an apartment in Fort Collins, CO.

  • For students of Colorado State University, check out the north side. It makes getting to campus easy, and many students rent apartments in that area.
  • If you’re a local resident you may know a real estate agent who can make recommendations, or you can use tools like Zillow, Trulia, and Rent.com to browse different listings.
  • Visit a few properties. While you’re there, be sure to review and inquire about factors like lease terms, pet-friendly apartment policies, apartment amenities, and other recreation opportunities.
  • Read the Google reviews. Anyone who has lived at these apartment buildings can leave a review on Google, and that’s where you’ll find the most direct and honest feedback from a former resident on their experience.

Finding your perfect Fort Collins apartment

Thanks for taking time to read our guide. Great Metro Fort Collins, CO living is within reach!

As you start to browse, consider the many factors that will be important to your new apartment home:

  • Location: How easy is it to get to the areas of Fort Collins (and nearby activities) where you most want to spend time?
  • Rent: Does the apartment offer the right mix of location, amenities, and style that are right for me?
  • Community: What kind of community is my new apartment going to have – and does it have spaces and events that encourage community activity?
  • Amenities: Does this apartment have the right mix of amenities for my lifestyle?

Be sure to explore the range of apartments available in Fort Collins in order to find your perfect apartment. And if you are thinking about Timnath Trail, we’re always happy to have you come in for a free tour!

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